Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Sweet Peach Paperie Etsy Shop!

The Sweet Peach Paperie Etsy Shop is FINALLY up and running!! Last November, I officially opened my shop, but it sat empty. Business through my blog was so wonderful that I never had time for anything more. Now that my path has changed a bit, I am using my etsy shop for all purchases of printable files. It is wonderful to have the transactions taken care of for me versus sending invoices with each order. Since Eliza was born, I have slowly added my party collection files, but am excited that sales have taken off quickly. There is still lots more that has not made it to my shop... LOTS! So if you want to make a purchase from my website and don't see it in my shop, just ask! Send me an email to with your order and I will list the file in my shop as soon as possible. Thank you for your continued business through this path change!! I am so thankful for all the orders and interest in my paper goodies, but life with an infant will not allow me to meet the high demands as before. I am thrilled that digital sales still allow me the creative outlet I sooo enjoy as well as being a full-time momma to my first three priorities! ;) I get to meet your party needs right from my office thanks to naptime and one fabulous work day a week.... courtesy of my sweet parents!!

So take a stroll through my etsy shop at and let me know what I need to hop on listing next!

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