Monday, August 30, 2010

The Girls' Garden Party...

I was looking forward to sharing lots of fun pictures today from the girls' garden party, but unfortunately, you will have to wait 2 more weeks. On Friday, I decided to take Julia to the doctor about a cough she had. I knew it was nothing much, but I needed to for my own peace of mind. (And to be able to tell the other moms, "Oh don't worry, she's not contagious!!") Instead, the doctor told me it was a slight case of croup and very contagious. Bummer!!!! Not the news I was expecting at all. She told me that if I was a good friend we would cancel the party. We surely didn't want the party girl to spread the love to her other little friends so that we did. At least the girls are young enough to not realize that their party was bumped back a couple weeks. Anna Claire just keeps asking for these cupcakes that she has been LONG awaiting! Soon, baby, soon! ;)

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