Thursday, August 5, 2010

Stella's Lollipop Shoppe!

Stella sweetly celebrated her 2nd birthday last month with a lollipop themed party! Her momma ordered some coordinating cupcake toppers and the center for the lollipop invite. With a circle cutter and glue, you can easily assemble a lollipop invite yourself so I simply made the center and Stella's crafty momma did all the rest! I understand that thinking very well! When I saw the same lollipop idea on another crafty blog last year, I said the same thing... "I can make that!" And that is exactly what got me here a year later! If you'd like to throw a lollipop party and just need a little jump start, I can help! :)

The girls' monogrammed lollipop dresses came from Really cute and custom made for their lollipop party! Photos of Stella's Lollipop Party are compliments of Tara Martindale ( Thanks Tara for the great shots! :)

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