Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Help Needed: Name my Etsy Shop!! :)

It's still a bit wild to see how far things have come over the last year and how much fun I've had in the process. I never planned for all this, but have loved seeing a hobby turn into something more! For months, I've been wanting to open an etsy shop as a bit easier way to sell my paper goodies. Crazy enough, I've been so busy with all my sales through word of mouth and this blog that I haven't been able to do more. I think I'm finally ready and by putting it out there, it will push me to get it done!! :)

So I need some help!! I can be creative with paper, but when it comes to choosing a shop name or fun logo, that is not my expertise. Do you have any suggestions for my new shop?? Tula Designs is surprising already a shop on etsy so I need to get really creative. If the name is the slightest bit "normal" than it is probably not available. If you think of something fun, email me your suggestions or leave a comment below!! If your idea helps me open my shop, I will return my thanks with some personalized Christmas tags or enclosure cards of your choice!

Thanks so much for your help! Hopefully I will have some big shop opening news in the weeks to come!! :)


  1. What about "Creatively Chic Creations", or "Woody's Wonders", or "A.J.'s Adorable Arts". These may sound cheesy, but I wanted to give it a try.

  2. What about "Tracy's Papers and Favors" or "Tracery Papery"?

  3. Hi. My name is Rebekah Lusk. I am Lani Lusk's grand-daughter.
    I was thinking a great logo would be "beyond creativity!"
    There is this cute shop I pass sometimes and it is called "FLIP FLOPS AND WHAT NOTS".
    Maybe you can try something like that for a name. You could do "Tracy's Creative Designs!" or "Creative Tracy!"
    I love all your ideas.
    (My email address is jenlusk@bellsouth.net)