Thursday, December 1, 2011

On The 1st Day of Christmas....

I am ALWAYS looking and asking for new Christmas ideas!! And I'm sure I'm not the only one so I thought it would be fun to put together a "12 Days of Christmas" holiday gift guide as a little inspiration for your shopping adventures. Lots of these gifts are those I have received and loved or I am putting on my wish list... and hopefully my family is reading!! ;) Join the fun! I'd love to hear your gift ideas too!! On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me.....

So obviously, I have just a small thing for paper and always have. I remember writing my name over and over again in my ever precious Lisa Frank spiral notebook in 5th grade, attempting to perfect my cursive signature. Through high school, college and pre-children, I journaled regularly. I love writing and looking back at my thoughts in years past. Unfortunately, life does not allow for it quite as much these days. So I LOVED this gift and use it every day.... It is a mini journal in size and space. There is only room for about 5 lines so literally, it's a thought a day. The perfect place to write a prayer of thanks, a special quote or moment from your day. You can buy it at Barnes N Noble for less than $16. They also have a perfect one for new moms in either pink or blue.... A majority of my entries deal with motherhood. I write down cute things the girls said, big firsts, and anything that would normally be put on a post-it for my large pile of "needs to be written in the baby book one day!" Well, one day never seems to come, so I love this journal! And what is really fun too- each page is the full 5 years so you cycle through the book 5 times and see what you wrote the year before as you journal for your day. It's way cute! Pair it with some personalized enclosure cards or Sweet Peach notes and you have a wonderful gift for the sentimental paper lover!


  1. Love this! I want one :) great idea BC my kids baby book has sticky notes on it lol

  2. It's wonderful!! And it's not overwhelming when you only have space for a couple of lines. Yes, I'm well aware of the post-its!! A mom must have been the one to come up with this! ;)